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Producer - Director - Scriptwriter - Editor 

"My movies come from my scripts, my scripts emerge from my inspiration, my inspiration thrives from my dreams, my dreams feed on my hopes, my hopes arise from my doubts, my doubts hide my fear, my fear increases my courage, my courage develop my happiness, my happiness goes together with my Ikigai, my Ikigai guides my experience, my experience builds my Life.  

The topics I write about are based on true stories such as family, teenagehood and its hardships, childhood, education, women and children rights, homeless, the future of our society, new technologies, the environment, climate change, animals,  Africa, Spain under Franco’s regime, sports, fashion etc …

The art of cinema is one of the best means to help build tomorrow’s society, as it is both a recreational means and also an impacting one." SVR 

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¡no nos callarán!

Short film - 2020


This story continues to haunt thousands of innocent victims all over the world.

We are united with the Association of Stolen Babies in Madrid and Barcelona as they tell their stories and demand social justice.

We wish to Thank all the True, Real, Authentic mothers who participated in this film and appear on screen.




At the age of 30 Jeanne Loyer finds out she was adopted at birth and sets about researching her origins in Barcelona and Madrid. 

She meets Manuela and discovers her destiny is linked to thousands of other victimes as Ana Molina.


​Story based on thousands of testimonies, and thanks to the victims who participated to our film.

"Be the change you want to see in the World" - Gandhi

Festival selections :

  • Los Angeles women's international film festival

  • Beverly Hills film festival


Short Documentary - 2020


I met Olivia in Los Angeles when she was writing her second book "La où chante l'étoile". Olivia is an incredible writer and more I know her more I'm impressed by her capability to share her difference. She has a wonderful soul!


Portrait of Olivia Zeitline - French novelist & author.

It's a wonderful travel with Olivia Zeitline, she opens doors that we might be interested! 

"Books act when they are closed" - Christian Bobin


Short film shooted in Los Angeles - 2016


With October 9th, more than a film, Sophie presented her vision to work hand by hand with charities organisations.Innocence en Danger and ACTION ENFANCE followed and joined her on this first step which was to built a footbridge between Action and Art.


Lola and Marco,  5 and 6 years of age, lose their parents in a car accident. Without parents, they are adopted into a middle class family that becomes a single parent family.

Return to the adoption, they had been adopted this time by a bourgeois family. Twenty years later, always linked, Lola and Marco they have difficulties in finding their place in society.

The environment in which these children grow up has a crucial impact upon what Lola and Marco become twenty years later. ​

The story explores the theme of the crucial impact of family and adoption through three families through to adulthood.

"In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future." - Alex Haley -

Festival selections :

  • 69e Cannes Film Festival Short Film corner 

  • Social Machinery Film Festival 2016 

  • Asia International Short-Film Exhibition 2017

  • Los Angeles CineFest 2017


Short Documentary - 2018


It is an open book of Sophie Venecia Reyes' second passion. She was delighted to share her fashion world in this documentary, which she directed and edited.


An independent fashion designer, Sophie Venecia Reyes, takes us into her Fashion World from New York to Paris, and during the unmissable Cannes film festival.

"An opportunity to be different" - Sophie Venecia Reyes


Advertising - 2020



Everything inside Us is a French charity Orga-nization law 1901 - The purpose is to act differently towards positive changes. Guided by our common desire to contribute to make a sustainable and better World, SVR decided to make this advertising to promote one of their action - A complementary educational program.


The association aim to create a world of tomorrow filled with hope for our future generations. Let’s develop together a complementary universal educational program

Free Education is a wonderful Key. Creativity is a great one too!" - Sophie Venecia Reyes


Short film - 2015


The short film A FLEUR DE PEAU that Sophie Venecia Reyes wrote and directed in partnership with Victor Dupuis. The idea of this film is to explore that life is guided by our choices. 



Life is punctuated by choices, and Lola decides to take charge of her life ...

“I Am The Master Of My Fate, I Am the Captain Of My Soul” ― William Ernest Henley.


Short film - 2019


The short film CONNECTED  that Sophie Venecia Reyes wrote and directed, was possible thanks to the two wonderful actors and dancers Julie Schotsmans and Hakim Hachouche. The idea of this film is to put in evidence that NATURE is a precious treasure that we never have to forget.



Julie, dancer, lacking inspiration for her next audition, joins the Parisian banks, starts the music and will find inspiration thanks to an unusual partner.

"Not just beautiful, though - the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they're watching me." - Haruki Murakami


Short film - 2016


The short film WE ARE UNITED  that Sophie Venecia Reyes wrote and directed, was possible thanks to her actors friends Kris Tek, Laura Malvarosa,  Laurent Paris and Celine Decoox. The idea of this film came as an evidence right after the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan Attacks. It was a way to express our emotions  in this difficult and scary period. We did this shooting in one day for the Nikon film festival.



Sarah has to join her group of friends in a bar, but she struggles to be back to her normal life. Solidarity, the theme of my short film, has been our response to all of us in the face of terrorism attacks that have affected us. 

“There is never any ending to Paris and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other. We always returned to it no matter who we were... ” A Moveable Feast ― Ernest Hemingway.


Short film - 2019

Presented at NIKON FESTIVAL 2020




The short film Ok, BOOMERS  that Sophie Venecia Reyes wrote and directed, is with the idea to develop a Supportive cinema in collaboration with the association EVERYTHING INSIDE US.



The world is changing, new generations have different benchmarks and values are essential. Change is the key! It is in collaboration with the association EVERYTHING INSIDE US (, that we asked 6 participants from different generations (Marie, Camille, Jeff, Reza, Christine, Sophie and Adam) to answer our questions !

"If we change the world, the world will change".

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