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From a French-Spanish family, Sophie Venecia Reyes has created ever since she was a child. Self-taught, she is an artist to her core. An accident puts an end to her career as a sportswoman; she then turned to her other passions.

First, Fashion, with the creation of the brand SOPHIE REYES in 2007. And then cinema, initially working as a costume designer for various media, short films, advertising,...
Using her artistic skills, she organized and created private events and exhibitions.​

Like the skin of an actor is manifold , she pushes up the game to shine in various fields


Consistently, she decides to train as an actress with American coach Jack Waltzer, a lifetime member of the Actors Studio. She is playing in several movies. 

Her sporty character, her endless desire to learn - constantly evolving, and her sense of text and words, allows her to open up to new horizons. She then wrote several scripts.


No boundaries in her actress work and director work.

After writing and directing her last short film in Los Angeles, October 9th, ( and presenting it at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, she is getting ready to direct her new short-film and her first feature film with the support of Peter MacDonald and that of several charities organizations. 
The young woman develops a supportive cinema by associating particular charities to her movies (childhood, education, sports, environment and animal protection,...). 


"Chameleon" artist, she is a passionate woman who lives her life as if life was a never-ending space of knowledge,

and who lets her passions guide her.

The next step was to develop her financial skills and she takes the opportunity to join CINEFEEL (, a french production company for private investors.

She was also in charge to convince new investors to join the company and also develop a "Fund of Dotation" which was to built an active network for the Fund between companies, private investors, partner associations and quality productions.


 SV Reyes likes to meet new challenges linked to her Vision! 

She decided to be the change and to start a new venture to develop her supportive cinema by launching a production company INSIDE US FILMS and EVERYTHING INSIDE US an association law 1901, both based in Paris.  

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